Amania in Costa Rica doing Animal Communication with Dogs Horses Cats and other Species

Animal Communication

Animal communication facilitates better listening and a new relationship with your companion. It’s a more conscious way of understanding your dog, cat, horse, or other loved one. As an animal communicator, I use a method that combines telepathy, empathy and compassion for your animal’s well-being. Anyone who has lived closely with animal beings knows that they offer us the greatest gift of all: Unconditional Love.

“You can judge a nation’s greatness and moral progress by the way it treats its animals”


How a session works:

Prepare your questions well, as others may arise during the session. 

I can see you in person or virtually. I will call you at the time of our appointment and start communicating live. I’ll connect with your pet’s personality and describe what I perceive of its characteristics. This is a good way to check that I am really connected to your pet. Then I start to ask your animal your questions, the answers coming in different forms such as images, physical sensations or words. The answers can sometimes lead to a history with another family member (human or animal). If it is a major health problem, with the information we are given, I recommend checking with your vet and, if necessary, supplementing with treatment. After studying the answers, concrete solutions are put in place for the well-being of your compagnon and its environment. Results are usually rapid and noticeable.

The information I need before our appointment: 

Animal’s name, age (approximate), one front and one body picture, composition of human and animal family members with their names. A brief description of the problem.  

A session lasts about 1 hour. I propose a second appointment included in the price to check that the work has been well set up and, if necessary, to reaffirm the information or healing provided during the first session. 

Your pet’s well-being 

I can advise you on his diet, his tastes, his general behavior, relationships with his family and others animals. Does he have a special mission with you?

Energetic healing  

Thanks to my clairvoyance, I can detect your pet’s physical problems. Energetic healing: analysis of the physical state through an inner scan, energetic intervention, cellular deciphering. Setting vital energy in motion, harmonizing and balancing the general state. And sometimes spiritual intervention with my Totem animals.

Your pet has crossed the rainbow 

Having the opportunity to communicate with your deceased pet can be a great help. Finding possible reasons for the animal’s departure, or shedding light on the meaning of the passage on a spiritual level, often relieves any doubts you may have. This offers real support for the human being in the grieving process.

“We don’t have two hearts, one for animals and one for humans. You either have a heart or you don’t.”