About Me

Amania J Chartier

Yes, I talk to animals!

Does that raise any questions? Does it make you want to? Who hasn’t
imagined talking to a bird or a cat?

How did I get here? First of all, through artistic creation. Since my childhood
I have had the pleasure of creating with my hands and it continued until it became
my profession. So, I entered the Beaux-Arts de Paris, then the Academia di Belli Arti
di Venezia. Art and travel have become my two passions.

After an out of the blue paranormal experience, followed by a number of
difficult reactions, I sought help because it was all beyond me alone. Fortunately I
found a guide with whom I experienced an “expansion of consciousness”.
Following that, I would never be the same. All my senses awoke and opened up.
During an exercise I came into contact with a being I did not know, “Mother
Meera”, with whom I maintained a daily inner dialogue that lasted more than 10
years. She is now my spiritual mother.

It was through my travels that I was able to find the missing pieces of my
puzzle. And more particularly in Polynesia, India, Mongolia and Mexico. An inner
path was built parallel to my artistic work, it is this path that has nourished my
expression, in a subtle and discreet way.

As an artist, I developed the ability to observe what surrounds me. As a
person I felt a need for introspection and silence, which I found in the solitary work
of the artist in their studio. This work is accompanied by a love for the material, its
constraints and its sensuality. Just like the transformation and appearance of forms
everything happened, as if by magic.

After my father’s death, I clearly perceived that a cycle was ending and that a
new breath was needed. That’s when I met an Abuelo Huichol “Don Patricio”,
whom I followed for three years. My journey to Latin America further opened up,
not just a strong attraction for a new place to live, but a want for nature, wilderness
and a vibrant landscape. So I relinquished all my belongings, including my artwork
and moved to Costa Rica with my eight boxes.

It was through a “Bovo”, a bird from Costa Rica, that I received confirmation
that I had found my piece of land. That’s when my relationship with animals really
began. I love watching my horses pass by my window, my cow Julieta, my dog
Chimichurri, my kittens, the chickens, the boas, the scorpions, toucans, tarantulas,
thousands of birds and fascinating insects.I love them all. So you can see how
communicating with animals became a necessity.

Thanks to Daniela Camino, an awesome Interspecies communicator in Latin
America, I was able to deepen my knowledge and become an animal communicator myself.
Thank you Daniela for passing on all of your knowledge, with such passion and

I was often asked why I had chosen Costa Rica. I didn’t know anything about
it at all. What I can say today is that living in the heart of nature has opened me to
my own nature, which is as beautiful as art, rich in experiences, complex as the
depth of the feminine and available to us all. It exists, just like a forest.
As we reach the conclusion, I would like to share an event that has been
decisive in this journey. It’s the encounter with my horse “Beso de Caramelo”.
When he died, I felt an unimaginable pain, followed by a strange feeling, as if I had
lost “the man of my life”. Yes, I didn’t understand this sentence either. Absurd,
irrational, and yet that’s exactly how I felt. This tearing, this crack that he made in
me, led me to feel the flow of unconditional love. And every time I think of him, I
am bathed in this Love.

For all healing and advice that I give, I begin by opening this crack. It is from this
“place”, bathed in unconditional love, that I begin my sessions {this was my little
secret that I now share with you}.

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