Animal Communication Communicator and Holistic Healing Tiago and Beso de Caramelo Horses with hills of costa rica in background

Animal Communication & Holistic Healing

Animal Communication

How to help your animals

 Never tried animal communication before? Now’s the time to discover a whole host of things about your companion and resolve behaviors that are preventing him and the whole family from enjoying a good quality of life.   

Holistic Healing

Taking care of yourselves

 Engaging in energy healing is always a profound and transforming experience. It’s understanding that we can take charge of our lives and no longer depend entirely on a system that doesn’t always want us to do well. 

Finca la Pipilacha

A magical land in Costa Rica

 “El Ranchito” is one of the places offered by the Pipilacha for our guided meditations or Shamanic ceremonies. A sacred space, in touch with Earth and Heaven, made for connecting in total tranquility.

Animal Communication

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Animal communication, also known as inter-species communication, is a technique that enables one to connect with one’s pet in an intuitive, sensitive and energetic way, through telepathy. You can act on behavioral disorders and detect possible health problems. This approach offers a deeper, more detailed understanding between the animal and its human companion. It allows the animal to be heard from its own perspective. As an animal communicator, I use a method that combines telepathy, empathy and compassion for your animal’s well-being.


Holistic Healing

Quite young, I understood the importance of taking care of myself. I love to dive into the experiences that life throws at me, as well as into the depths of introspection. My vision of the world, my energy and my ability to read others inspired me to create my own way of healing. Illness and malaise point to the need to make unexpressed emotions conscious. Every day, our unconscious speaks to us and demands to be seen. Taking care of ourselves is a responsibility, but also the pleasure of self-discovery. Where does our lack of energy, our depression or our fears come from? Are they symptoms of our disconnection from our Being? In essence, we are a divine presence experiencing matter, but in concrete terms, what gives us the freedom to act? what do we really feel? what makes us vibrate? Together, let’s discover what makes us Human Beings.


I can also offer you an intimate experience in the heart of Costa Rica to help you rediscover your inner wholeness, including:

  • holistic healing
  • guided meditations
  • connecting with spirits of nature
  • intuitive aromatherapy
  • fire ceremonies
  • …and more

Want to change your reality? Take care of yourself? Take an inner journey in the tropics? The land here in Monte de Oro, Costa Rica is a land I adopted 15 years ago. It revealed my nature to me and, little by little, revealed its magic, its infinite love for all living beings and its capacity to adapt. It’s a place of incredible connection, regeneration and peace. Everyone can find what they need here, and I offer a range of services to support you in your process.